Copywriting Learning: Becoming a Copywriter Who Can Sell Anything with Letters


Selling with the text at a glance sounds easy. Include feature information, benefits, prices, and how to make a purchase ... complete.

but what happens next?

No one wants to buy your product / service.

Even though on the other hand there are rivals who sell products that are EXACTLY EXACT. The difference is, he has more buyers ... and the buyers are very enthusiastic about the goods being sold.

How did it happen?

Do they use genie?


But it's not a genie like in Aladin's cartoons.

It's a marketing technique that can bewitch others to make them - not just "want" to buy - but "have to" buy.

This is the guide to Copywriting techniques.

What is copywriting?

No ... copywriting is not a genie like I said. To understand what copywriting is, there are 3 terms that you must understand.

These three terms will continue to be used in this series of guides, so remember carefully:

Copy : text used in sales or marketing, we usually find it on landing pages, advertisements, websites, brochures, and others.

Although in its development, copy is no longer just text.

(different from copy which means copy)

Copywriting : copy writing process / technique. (the author is called a copywriter)

Conversion : when someone you target takes the action you want. For example, buying products, registering members, creating accounts, downloading, and others.

In sales, conversions are often called  closing .

But here we will use the term conversion because copywriting itself is not just for sales.

So, copywriting techniques are copy-making techniques that can dramatically increase conversions.

Then why do we need a copywriter?

"Just writing ... what's so hard? In the Indonesian language lessons during the school age, right? "

Not the same..

Selling is not easy. Especially if you can only use media in the form of text, images, or videos. Much more difficult.

The copywriter is a salesman in letters.

With the right copywriting technique, two products that are exactly the same can get a response that is much different from others.


If you market products to 100 people ... previously only sold to 1 person, but with the right copywriting technique there are now 5 buyers.

5x fold!

Especially because now the online media is increasingly popular marketing over traditional marketing. The role of text and copywriters is needed.

Suppose there is a company that does digital marketing as a whole.

Then they need:

  1. Landing page
  2. AdWords
  3. Facebook Ads
  4. YouTube Ads
  5. TV and radio ads
  6. Website content
  7. Social media content
  8. Email marketing content
  9. ….and much more

To make everything effective and produce a high conversion ratio, copywriting techniques are needed.

That's why copywriting skills are very much needed.

What can you do after following this guide?

After you have finished studying all the chapters in this copywriting guide series, there are 2 choices that you can take to use their knowledge:

First, use the technique for your own business.

This means that you will use copywriting techniques so that you will be able to increase sales, customer loyalty, and referrals.

Second, become a professional copywriter.

Work in advertising agencies, companies, or become freelancers. There is no official education level for copywriters, so your opportunity is wide open.

Even so, the pay is many times higher than ordinary writers.

And this guide is very enough as your foundation.

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