Creating Featured Content That Is Able to Get Quality Backlinks and Rank 1 on Search Engines


This is the most common misconception in SEO:

Many think they can get rank 1 by relying on backlinks from blog comments, social bookmarks, article directories, and the like.

Usually I call submit-submit backlinks  .

Questions like this often arise from website owners: "I have blogwalking, submit to DoFollow social bookmarking, but why is it not yet rank 1?"

Yes because the benefits are very small indeed.

Worse yet, if we submit too much - up to hundreds / thousands - our website will be penalized.

Ha. Instead of being ranked number one, but instead got legal.

Then what kind of backlinks can make our website ranked 1 without being penalized?

This is the answer:

Backlinks provided by other website owners.

Up to this point, I began to get confused, pessimistic, "How come there are other website owners who want to provide a backlink to my website?"

That is the purpose of this guide.

You will learn the concept of 'superior content' that can get quality backlinks naturally. So it's safe from penalties and can get rank 1.

Why is it difficult to get a backlink?

Let's get surgery first:

The reason is because your content is misdirected.

I explained ...

... for example you have a website about diet. The visitors are people who want to study diet.

The problem is, 99% of them don't have a website.

People who do not have a website will not be able to provide backlinks. Although maybe they think your website is good.

Make sense?

Well, people who have a website about a diet like you have knowledge above the average person. They will assume your content is normal.


This is what I mean by misdirection.

We are accustomed to making content only to satisfy ordinary visitors, people who are just learning, and those who don't have a website.

So that those who can provide a backlink (linker) are not impressed.

Even if we want to create content that can get backlinks naturally, we should be able to impress the linkers.

featured content

In this guide, we will learn to create excellent content .

What is that?

In the world of agriculture, we are familiar with the term superior seeds. This means that the seeds that produce good results, large fruit, and fast growth.

These seeds will be widely used by farmers in their respective fields.

That is the concept of superior content.

Exceptional content. Content that can make the linkers put a link on their website. So as to produce "fruit" in the form of backlinks for you.

What can make linkers give backlinks?

We already know why we don't get backlinks. Now we explore what can make our content get a backlink.

The first, obviously, the content must impress the linker.

But there's more.

In general, the linker will recommend your article if:

  • The topic further explains the concepts they wrote on their own website
  • Much more quality than all the content that has ever existed. So it takes precedence over other similar content
  • Its contents discuss about them, or they participate
  • The content can be useful to their audience
  • You know them
  • Your content contains a popularity trigger element

It doesn't have to fulfill everything, but more is better.

Now the biggest question ...

... how do you create excellent content?

Step 1 - Find a linker in your field

If your website is in technology, look for a linker in the technology field. Don't look for different fields, they won't care.

So this is our strategy:

  1. Look for linkers, see what their content is
  2. Create far better content
  3. Connect with them
  4. Backlink!

Okay, I'm simplifying this too ...

... but that's the reason why we need to find a linker.

Earlier we discussed the understanding and who the linker was, but actually it could be explained again.

This is what includes the linker:

  • Blogger
  • Author articles on other websites
  • Journalist, news writer
  • Twitter celebrities (people who have lots of followers)

These are people who are able to provide links to your content or share with many people on social media.

To find the linker that suits you as much as possible, do the following 4 ways.

Do a search on Google

Do a search on Google with keywords:

  • Indonesian niche
  • [Niche] blog
  • The best [niche] article

For example, your website is about fashion, so use the keyword "Indonesian fashion blogger".

You will find results like this:


Community sites, social media, and social bookmarking

Smart bloggers know that these three types of sites are gold mines for developing websites.

Therefore you will meet many new blog owners.

New bloggers are also usually more open when invited to communicate. You can also learn together.

Here's a community that you can try:

  • Facebook Groups
  • Google+ Communities
  • Kaskus
  • Citizen6 Liputan6
  • Viva log

Look for Twitter accounts that have many followers

Use a free tool called Followerwonk .

This tool is useful for finding popular Twitter accounts based on keywords. In 1 click we can find Twitter celebrities.

Click "Search bios" then do a search like the picture:


For English-language niches (eg "fashion") use big cities in Indonesia to find Indonesians.

If not, then what appears is Caucasian accounts.

Look for websites that link to the linker

The people you have found above must already have some backlinks. We will look for the people who posted this link.

Thus our list is getting bigger.

First, please go to Open Site Explorer . Or use Ahrefs if you have a premium account, even better.

Enter the website that you have found.

Change the link type to only follow

Change the Link Type section to 'only follow' (yellow box).

These are the websites that link to the linker. Which means, they are also linkers.

After doing these four steps, record everything in Google Sheets or Excel. Oh yes, ignore websites that have not been updated for a year.

Step 2 - Think of content ideas that interest them

Try to imagine this case:

I have content titled " 17 ways to get rid of zits " what might the linkers recommend this article on their website?


For readers who need it, the article is very useful. But for a linker, this article is not enough to impress them.

Besides that, what do you do is also link to the acne article. Yes, right?

That is the importance of the topic.

Even though the contents are extraordinary, but if the topic is wrong then no one will recommend the content.

First understand the meaning of the sentences above.

Choosing a topic is complicated. But fortunately, there is a method that we can use to get topic ideas.

It's called STEPPS.

Your topic must be one of these STEPPS:

  1. S ocial currency: can make them proud of their identity
  2. T riggers: immediately think of when someone talks about something
  3. E motion: can arouse feelings
  4. Public P : a popular topic or warm
  5. P ractical value: the content of the topic can be practiced
  6. S tory: the story of a person or event associated with them

That's STEPPS.

When looking for ideas for leading content topics, make sure the topic meets one of the six conditions.

For example, this SEO guide .

The guide consists of 6 chapters, is the most complete guide to SEO in Indonesia today. So when someone wants to learn SEO, these guidelines will be recommended (Triggers).

How to get topic ideas

You already know how to check the topic, with the STEPPS. Next we will learn how to find ideas for the topic of your superior content.

Here are some ways you can try:

  1. See the linker's website. Create content whose topics are similar or related to what they have written, but the weight must be higher.
  2. Community site. Find the main problems most often faced by community members, create content that solves their problems.
  3. Do a search on Google by entering the main topic to get a more specific topic.
  4. Use BuzzSumo or Ahrefs Content Explorer to see the best content on a topic.
  5. Follow the process of getting writing ideas at .
  6. Read this guide to finding content topics .

After getting the idea, make sure it meets one of STEPPS.

Remember, topic selection is the most important part of superior content. Therefore, do not underestimate this stage.

I personally always have as much as possible the idea of ​​a topic, all of which I noted in  Trello :

"My website's niche is too narrow. There is no linker and the right topic for this niche! "

This is the main problem for people when creating superior content.

A few months ago a GuideIM reader contacted me. Apparently he has a scaffolding rental business, so he wants to create content about scaffolding.

It's hard ... where is there a big website that has a scaffolding niche.

There is a way out!

Take advantage of a neighboring niche.

That is, scaffolding is in the construction industry. In the construction industry, there are many websites with topics such as home, architecture, civil, and others.

We can use the neighbor's niche.

Another example, you have a cosmetic sales business and want to get traffic by creating superior content. However, in Indonesia there is rarely (or no) blog about cosmetics.

You can create content that crosses between cosmetics and other niches.

Consider the following example:

  • Cosmetics & Fashion : cosmetics suitable for certain types of fashion
  • Cosmetics & Wedding : makeup techniques for wedding
  • Cosmetics & Health : the influence of cosmetics on skin health
  • Cosmetics & Careers : makeup tips during job interviews
  • Cosmetics & Travel : tips for carrying enough cosmetics while on vacation

(By the way, I'm not a cosmetics expert so maybe in this example there is a topic that doesn't make sense)

With this, a narrow niche can touch a variety of other larger niches. So that more linkers are relevant to you.

Finally for stage 2:

In creating content, which you should not miss at all is the title. It's useless the topic is good, but the title isn't interesting.

After reading, continue to the guide to  make a title .

Step 3 - Do research to create weighty content

Creating content is easy, but to create superior quality content to get backlinks, you have to do research.

There is rarely a quality message that the contents go straight out of the head. If you create content like this, the results become shallow and messy. Certainly.

So, please skip this step if you want the content to be useless.

There are 1 most common mistakes ...

... if you make this mistake, your content will never get backlinks, let alone go to page 1 of Google.

Here's the mistake:

Emulate the contents of articles from other websites.

No, not copy-paste duplicate content. The article was rewritten ... but the discussion points were exactly the same as the original article or just randomized the order.

Indeed, finally Google does not consider this as a duplicate, but we as humans are aware that the article is only rewritten.

There is no new information in it.

NEVER do this error.

In superior content, we have to make linkers amazed by our content. If the points of the contents of your article are not unique and original, it is impossible that this goal will be achieved.

Again, no.

Make content that is truly original, not rewrite it. Collect writing material from research, then arrange it into a new article.

Using the KTP method to conduct research

I understand that not all of us are super smart people who can create something that is 100% new. Likewise with content.

Including me…

... almost all of the material in guidim actually already exists on the internet.

What I do is just collect all the material on the same topic, arranged to be more structured, and add new ideas.

That's the initial stage of the KTP method - the easiest way to create quality content on whatever topic you want.

In short like this:

  1. Collect> 5 content on similar topics, learn
  2. Note the strengths, weaknesses, and unique elements of each content
  3. Arrange the structure of new content that covers all the weaknesses

You can read more here .

Step 4 - Create the best content from research material

I am sure, if you create truly high quality content, it will not be enough in just a day.

Need process.

If you only write inconsequential articles, 2000-3000 words a day are finished.

But because in making excellent content we do research and structure, at least it will take 2 days.

Something like this:

  • Research: 0-1 days
  • Framework + image: 0-1 days
  • Writing: 1 day

Even the simple content that you are reading is also taking 3 days. (Today I increase the contents 4 months after being published)

Why do you need to make a framework?

The framework is not important if your content is superficial, once the way is finished.

But weighty content is necessary.

Just look at the article you are reading, consisting of several sub-chapters and sub-chapters.

If everything is written at once, wow will be messed up.

So, the content framework aims to make the order of your content neatly organized so that it is good for visitors to listen to.

In addition, the framework also aims to reduce errors.

After all it's not difficult ...

One of the articles that I made before, SEO techniques , the framework is just like this:


The article is about 3000 words long, so it will be very difficult if we write directly without making a skeleton first.

By the way, about the length of the article ...

In 2012, Moz conducted research  on the content they published on his blog.

This is the result:

Long content tends to get more backlinks than short content.

Here is the graph:


See, the longer the article the more links.

Although it doesn't always guarantee, it's an important point that you can consider.

Therefore, when choosing a topic, choose what can be discussed in length. Not a short topic.

Then discuss it thoroughly, if necessary make it in several chapters.

We already know that there is enormous potential behind a long article. Don't waste your energy on making superficial articles.

But why are many long backlink articles?

Actually not because of the length, but because of the weight of the discussion.

Think about it:

If you can only read 1 article a day, which one ... which is discussed in full, or which is as simple?

Definitely complete.

That's why long articles tend to get more recommendations in the form of links. Not just because it's long, but because it's heavy.

There's more research from SERPIQ on the average length of content on the first page of Google.

This is the result:


Page 1 is filled with articles 2000-2500 words.

Increase the chance of content to get backlinks

There's more than the length.

There are several factors that will increase or even reduce the chance of your content to get backlinks.

These are things you should avoid:

  1. Elements of product sales
  2. Affiliate link
  3. Too many ads
  4. Wrong writing and messy grammar
  5. Messy design
  6. Lots of niceties
  7. The format is not easy to read

Do you still remember the STEPPS?

S first, Social Currency, means we as humans tend to share something that makes us proud.

If your content contains these 7 things, it actually makes you embarrassed.

Instead, the following actually increases your chances:

  1. Original photo / picture. Minimal screenshots or graphics
  2. References to other trusted articles or websites
  3. Have data
  4. Link to the linker website

I want to emphasize on the fourth point ...

No such thing as the law of reciprocity ( Law of Reciprocity ).

Someone will be more likely to do something positive for us if we do positive things first to them.

Therefore I suggest you put a link to the website of your linker first before hoping to get a backlink.

For more about making articles, read this guide:

Step 5 - Perform content distribution to the linker

In this stage we will notify the existence of our content to the linker.


Never do this step if you don't have content that meets all the criteria mentioned.

I explained briefly ...

... your content must:

  • The topic meets one of the STEPPS
  • In the same field as the linker
  • Have the best quality compared to other content

If not, don't do this step because it will have a negative impact on your own reputation.

Okay, there are 2 different content distribution goals:

  1. Get share (to social media)
  2. Get backlinks

Different goals, different ways done.

Normally, we want to get a backlink. Definitely. But that doesn't mean we can ignore sharing to social media.

Although sharing to social media does not affect SEO, your content will be seen by many people. These people will likely be linkers.

So, sharing to social media can also be an indirect backlink.

Before entering the main stage, it's a good idea to try to get attention from the linker first by:

  • Follow his Twitter / Facebook account,
  • Share the content,
  • Leave a comment on his blog (don't spam)

After that, we introduce our content in the following ways:

1. Request input from the linker via email / social media

The concept is like this ...

... so that the linker wants to recommend your content, then they must know the existence of your content.

So we tell them.

But if you send an e-mail directly, "Sir, add a link to my article!", It will be rejected. Definitely, 100%.

Therefore we need a reason.

The reason is that they want to open and read your content.

Namely by asking for input from them.

For example, you make an article about "21 citrus fruit benefits". Ask the linker to contribute to the article by providing 1 benefit.

Then enter the input from them in the article.

After publication, notify them again when the article has been published. Then they will recommend your article.

This is an example of an article that uses this technique in an extreme version:


More than 1400 shares!

2. Post to community sites and appropriate social media

Community sites are the best place to distribute content because there are already lots of people ready to read your content.

Community sites and social media are the source of everything that goes viral.

If you have good content, use social media to distribute it.

But remember, don't spam and don't post to communities where the topic isn't appropriate. You will not get any benefits.

3. Do 13 ways to promote this content

Previously, I had made specific guidelines for promoting content .

Thirteen of these methods will make your content get a traffic increase of more than 2x.


4. Do link building

Who said if we play White Hat SEO can't do link building?

It is precisely the backlinks we get ethically that will make our content firmly in the top rankings of Google search results.

To start a link building, read the following three guidelines:

All link building guidelines in the three articles above are very, very effective for those of you who already have excellent content.

... Ready to be superior?

Apart from GuideIM, I have several other blogs.

These blogs have become the biggest blog in their respective fields thanks to the existence of superior content.

You can too, after applying this technique.

Forget about submit-submit backlink techniques that take a lot of time and are at high risk.

Now it's time to move on to superior content.

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