Creating a Sales Website : 4 Components that Turn on or Just Turn Off Your Business


No matter whether you sell products, services, consultations, services, or anything on the website ... These 4 components are the most influential in their success.

When done correctly, you will look professional ... trustworthy ... and consequently sales will increase dramatically.

Vice versa.

Incorrectly applying will make the business fail.

But strangely enough:

Most online entrepreneurs actually make sales websites the wrong way. Because of ignorance and ignorance.

After this I will illustrate some of the wrong ones.

Continue reading to find out the concept of creating a sales website that will boost your business.

Kompnen # 1 - Professional design

"Don't value the book by its cover" - this proverb does not apply to business websites.

The first impression is directly formed by all website visitors when looking at your website design.

There are 2 components in the design:

  • Layout (layout)
  • Picture

Both of them play a very important role.

Here are some examples that are not good:

Note these 3 error points:

  1. Use images that are of too low quality
  2. Using too many colors and fonts
  3. Excessive arrows

Not only does your business seem cheap, you even look like a cheater.

My guess is not without reason ... A sales page like this is very often appearing on the internet, because it is very easy to create and imitate.

That's why fraudsters usually use the design as before.


Even for the free ones, people will still be suspicious.

Compare with the good design:

This is a course starting an online business by Noah Kagan.


The difference is obvious, right?

From the design, we can see whether the seller of the product / service is professional or not ... whether we will get something quality or not.

Besides design, also pay attention to other elements.

Here are some elements of the sales page (numbered in the picture):

  1. Specific headlines
  2. Explanation video
  3. Short text
  4. Call-to-action
  5. Detailed explanation
  6. Testimonials
  7. Photos of good quality
  8. Price
  9. How to contact

Component # 2 - Useful content

In the previous chapter about content marketing for sales websites , we discussed that content is useful for two things:

  1. Get visitors
  2. Get trust, so they want to buy

Usually content is made in the form of a blog.

From blogs, someone can judge how professional you are, how high the service you will provide.

Content can be a factor of consideration.

Therefore, be careful.

Never publish content that is of low quality. People will assume that your content is not good, so your product / service is also not qualified.

Give them the best content.

Don't be afraid to provide the best content for free. The better your free content is, they will know that your premium content, services or services are even better.


  1. Before starting to sell, make sure there are at least 5 of the best content
  2. Publish content regularly, at least once every two months so that you are not unexpectedly inactive

Component # 3 - Opt-in email registration

Consider the screenshot of the sales page from Noah Kagan earlier, at the very top. You will find an email registration column.

What for?

So that we can get in touch with more in a more "personal" way to their e-mail.

Almost everyone who has a connection to the internet has one fixed email address. The email address they use to send messages to others.

Especially since the existence of a smartphone.

So email is the best way for an online entrepreneur to connect with prospective clients en masse.

The process is like this:

With content marketing, the majority of visitors who come to your website are not directly aiming to buy ...

... but read or look around.

When they like your content, they will register their email. So you can get other content from you via email.

But they still have no desire to buy.

Furthermore, with this e-mail media, you will continue to try to educate. Then continue to introduce your business, until finally making a sale.

The results are far more extraordinary.

Traffic that comes from e-mail has higher quality from search engines and social media.

Read this guide to start collecting email addresses (list building).

Component # 4 - about you and how to contact

Very suspicious if you sell something but they don't know who you are, and can't contact you.

So first, there must be a contact page.

Or at least include an email address.

In Indonesia, because buying and selling automatically has not been effective, most of your buyers will contact you directly before sending their money.

The second, profile page / about / about.

The page about this does not contain you ... not a history of education, not age, not a major during college ... no.

Rather it contains supporting your business.

For example, you sell DVDs on how to lose weight.

Then on the page about there is information that you have also lost a few pounds of weight, and you also wrote that you have helped so many people to lose weight.

This 1 page can only increase trust.

All of this can be done alone!

  • "I can't program"
  • "I'm not good at design"
  • "I can't write"

These 3 reasons make a person not start an online business.

Even though you don't need to be an expert in all three.

Making a website for example ... with the help of WordPress you can make a website a website in 5 minutes and without web programming capabilities at all.

The important thing is what you sell.

The three factors above are only supporters.

You also don't need to be a design expert. All you need is good design taste.

Likewise with content writing.

But if you really want truly perfect results even without the ability to create a website, use a professional website creation service.

Your task

  1. Create 1 website for your business. Do a search on Google for a tutorial on creating a website with WordPress.
  2. Create a minimum of 5 useful content that solves the problems of your target market. Use the guidelines in the previous chapter. Then publish on the website.
  3. Prepare tools to do list building based on this guide.

No need to rush.

For beginners, creating a website may take 1-2 days and to make 1 quality content will take 3 days - 1 week.

If you already have a product / service, here you should be able to make a sale.

But if not, in the next guide you will learn to make digital products.

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