How to find the best online business idea for you


Many people want to do business, many also fail before starting.

The reason is ironic:

Because they don't know what business they want to run.

You will not be able to find the right and best business ideas for yourself wherever you look.

Because the answer is not outside.

But within yourself.

You already know the business in what industry you want to start, but you don't know whether the business idea can be started by beginners? Can you beat rivals? Can you succeed in that field?

Here's the solution:

After reading this guide you will be able to determine 1 business field from the many choices available.

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Perform 'ability mapping' to get the initial idea

For someone who wants to do business, you must be able to answer this question:

"What will you sell?"

Business, online and offline, is always about sales. It's not always a product, but you will definitely make a sale.

Successful entrepreneurs always sell their abilities.

For example marketing experts sell something related to marketing ... whether it's books, training, or consulting. Cooking experts sell food, open restaurants, or sell recipe books.

So the first step is knowing your abilities.

But not only knowing ...

You have to know from all of your abilities, which ones that have the most potential to be transformed into the right business for you.

Step 1 - find 20 abilities

Don't be pessimistic, almost everyone has more than 20 abilities.

You don't know your list of abilities, because you have never made a list like this.

Therefore, take a piece of paper and stationery .

Then answer this question:

  1. What help do others often ask you for?
  2. What training / courses have you participated in?
  3. What do others often praise you about?
  4. What is the thing about yourself that can amaze your friends?
  5. What achievements have you got?
  6. What skills have your friends asked you to teach?
  7. What are the difficulties in life that you have been through?
  8. What useful things do you know, but not known to many people?
  9. What makes you enthusiastic?
  10. From the businesses of other people you have ever met, what seems most interesting?

Don't stop until you find 20. Even if necessary, take a full day to find your abilities.

But the average in 1 hour is finished.

Don't also hesitate to write ridiculous things. Sometimes successful businesses start from silly things that are never imagined.

Step 2 - map in the 'demand matrix'

You already have 20 abilities, but not all of them will be a profitable business.

This is because the success of the business depends on the demand (demand) that exists from the community. There is no way we can successfully sell something that is not desirable or not worth buying.

That's what often happens ...

That's why many people start doing business but never sell.

Luckily there are ways to ascertain whether our abilities will be sold as a business.

Using demand matrix:


At the bottom or behind the paper you have used, make a line like the one above.

I will explain briefly:

The horizontal field shows the number of interested parties. The more people who need that ability, the more right the place.

The vertical field shows the value / price.

If your abilities are obtained with difficulty and rarely have, the higher the value ...

and the place the more up.

Here is an example that has been filled:


Suppose that my shoes are always clean (so they are often praised) so one of my abilities is to clean my shoes.

Does anyone want to buy if I make a shoe cleaning service?

Maybe there is…

But certainly very little.

Most people clean their shoes or clean them up.

So the place is in the lower left.

Then suppose I used to be fat, but now I've managed to lose weight on a large scale. This means that one of my abilities is to lose weight.

Is anyone interested in this?

There are ... even many!

Overweight is an increasingly frequent problem, and many people want to lose weight but don't know how.

Because it's the place on the top right.

That's an example ... now put 20 of your abilities in the demand matrix.

Then select the one on the top right.

Are you enthusiastic about the choice?

Sometimes there are also people who are experts in a field, but they are not interested at all.

For example, me ...

Even though I'm not a very expert, I have graphic design skills. With that capability, I can just make a basic tutorial using Adobe Illustrator.

But I did not do it. Because not interested.

The key to success in business is enthusiasm. If you are not enthusiastic about the business field that you are going to run, it will be difficult to develop.

In this chapter, you have just determined the field of business. Please proceed to the next chapter to find out what you can sell in that field.

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