How to Find a High-Value Long Tail Keyword


The keywords that you should be looking for for a website are not those that only have high search volumes, but those that are on target are usually longer. Because it's called the Keyword Long Tail.

Keywords like this have a smaller search level but will give  you the biggest profit.

Don't get me wrong, not all long keywords have high values. You will learn how to find long tail keywords that have high value through this guide.This is the fourth chapter of the keyword research guide series

Why long tail?

It has something to do with the science that we have learned in chapter 1 regarding the  search intent  and chapter 3 concerning the analysis of competition.

First, because keywords that are high value or have commercial intent  (purchase intention) are usually long. Logically, if someone wants to buy products such as Samsul Galaxy X, they will do a search for "buy Samsul Galaxy X Jakarta", not just "Samsul Galaxy X".

Second, long tail keywords generally have lower competition than short keywords.

Even though the volume is smaller, we can accidentally target a lot of long tail at a time so that the volume becomes a lot too.

Look for long tail keywords

If you follow this guide series from the beginning, especially in chapter 2, you accidentally discovered long tail keywords.

The wrong way  to look for long tail keywords is to use Google Keyword Planner.

1. Ubersuggest


With Ubersuggest , we can explore many words at once. These keywords are not registered in GKP, because with this tool you can find many hidden keywords.

The alternative to Ubersuggest is .

2. Google Webmaster Tools / Google Analytics

If you already have stable traffic from search engines, you will unconsciously have many long tail keywords that enter your website.

To get this keyword, please go to Google Webmaster Tools or Google Analytics (if it's already connected). Then click the Search Traffic> Search Queries menu.

long-tail-keywords (1)

From the list of keywords above, the one marked with yellow is never intentionally targeted, but appears on GWT. From here you can find hidden keywords on your website.

3. Forums, social networks, and other community sites

By looking at other people's conversations on social sites, we can get ideas for long tail keywords. You might not even need to do additional research for keywords from social sites because it is clearly in the interest of others.


By using SEMRush, you can peek at organic keywords from other websites that have the same topic as your website.

Popular websites usually do their own keyword research. By peering at their keywords, we can save time in finding long tail keywords.

Assess long tail keywords

Just finding it isn't difficult, the real challenge is finding long tail keywords that have high value.

High-value LTK usually has the following features:

  1. Search volume per month is not 0. If your keyword is in English, search per month should be above 880.
  2. Have commercial intent. Please read chapter 1 again to see an explanation of high-value keywords.
  3. Easy competition. Not all LTK have low competition, don't let you target keywords with small volumes but high competition.

Keyword priority

Of the many keywords that we have collected in this chapter and the previous chapters, then how to determine the priorities?

If you still have hundreds of keywords, mark in Excel or Spreadsheet which keywords are the best according to your data volume, intent, and difficulty (level of competition). Then separate these keywords into different files.

These are the keywords that you will use to optimize the website.

Furthermore, it will depend on the plan size and type of your website. The following are priority sequences based on the type of website:

  1. Blog information - volume, competition, intent
  2. Business blog - volume, intent, competition
  3. Micro blog - competition, intent, volume
  4. Online store (e-commerce) - intent, volume, competition
  5. Services / services - intent, volume, competition

In essence, of the three determinants which are more important and profitable for your website must be prioritized.

For example for online store websites and websites that sell services, services, SaaS, and web-apps, the priority is keywords with intent Commercial Investigation and Transactional so that the conversion rate is greater.

If you want to target high volumes for these types of websites, create a business blog as a support.

In the next chapter, you will learn how to assess the performance of keywords on your website and how to do further optimization.


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