Learning SEO : A Guide for Beginners in Understanding and Implementing SEO


Do you have a website and need a lot of visitors in the long run?

If so, you must know the basics of SEO.

SEO is a technique that you must master (and apply) as a website owner to get good rankings in search engines.

But beginners are usually afraid of SEO.

This is because you will meet new terms and techniques that are not taught in the school age. As a result, some people think SEO is a strange item.

Take it easy…

... in this free guide you will learn SEO for beginners. From zero.

You who at this time have not understood at all about SEO, at the end of the chapter will understand how to apply it to your website. Whereas if you understand at a glance, you will be able to explore SEO.

All of this in a matter of hours.

Please start from chapter 1 or go directly to the chapter you want to study. If you need more information about SEO, continue reading before going to the first chapter

.1. Basic Concepts of SEO

2. On Page SEO

3. Keyword Research

4. Content Marketing

5. Off Page SEO

6. Link Building

7. Assess SEO Performance

Why SEO? Why are search engines?

When you need information from the internet, what do you use to find that information?

Google? Bing?

If you are already familiar with the digital world, it's definitely no stranger to both. Yes, both websites are search engines or search engines .

Not only do you use these two websites.

But also hundreds of millions of other Indonesians ... and billions of people from all over the world. Everything is looking for information using search engines.

That's why search engines can bring a lot of people to your website.

There is more…

Search engines send visitors with high quality. If you sell products / services on the website, then people from search engines will most likely buy.

Even the quality of the traffic is the second largest (after email).

Therefore digital marketers often use SEO techniques in their marketing strategies.

So the conclusion, you have to learn SEO because:

  1. The volume of visitors from search engines is the most
  2. The quality of visitors from search engines is the best number 2

Do I have to understand SEO?

In short: it doesn't have to be.

Well, you know ...

Indeed the statements above seem to require all website owners to apply SEO because it is so powerful.

But not everyone / website needs SEO.

This is because not all websites need visitors from search engines. There are types of websites that are actually not effective if you use SEO as the main strategy.

This means ...

Search engines like Google display a list of websites according to keywords entered by humans. That is, you will only get visitors if the keywords you want are also wanted by others.

Try to imagine this type of website:

  • Humor / entertainment
  • Personal blog
  • Fiction

Very rarely ... or even no one is looking for content from the website as above through search engines.

So from that their main marketing strategy is not SEO, but social media marketing for example ... or paid advertising, or something else.

Again, remember:

If your type of website is indeed never searched through search engines, then you don't need to master SEO.

On the contrary,

You need to learn SEO and apply it to the website if you are a person:

  1. Professional bloggers
  2. Business website owner
  3. Affiliate & CPA marketers
  4. Online shop owner
  5. Web-based software developer
  6. Professionals who use websites to build a reputation
  7. Professionals who have an online portfolio
  8. Selling products / services via the internet
  9. Entrepreneurs who want to do online marketing

Those who belong to the category above must understand SEO ...

... at least the basics.

The reason is that many prospective customers, customers and users use search engines. SEO techniques can be a major factor in their success.

Do you include the 9 categories above?

Continue to chapter 1, because maybe this SEO guide can be the first step in your success.

These seven chapters contain the essence of SEO that will continue to apply for life.


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