Make Landing Pages that Get High Conversion with Copywriting Techniques


Good or not a landing page will have a direct impact on conversion rates.

There are several factors that determine whether your sales via landing page will succeed or fail. This is the most important:


There are still other factors such as design, page loading time, and so on.

But no matter how elegant the design of your landing page is, if your writing technique is not right ... then there will be no conversion.

Not the other way around,

If you have applied copywriting principles to create the right words and sentences, even a simple design will sell.


In this guide you will learn the essence of copywriting in a landing page.

After that, you will be able to create a landing page that is able to convince readers and make them take action.

... before we continue

There are 3 things I want to say first.

First, to refresh your memory ... or for those of you who read this article directly without going through the previous chapters.

  • Copy : text used in sales or marketing (different from copy which means copy)
  • Copywriting : copy writing technique
  • Conversion : when the reader takes the action you want
  • AIDA : Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. Formula for creating a good copy structure

Second, which is not discussed in this guide:

  • Design concept. Which is discussed only in terms of copywriting
  • Technical. I would assume you can already make your own webpage using HTML codes or with tools

If both are discussed, this guide will be very long.

Third, it's a good idea to have seen examples of landing pages in various functions.

This is so that you are no stranger to the components that will be explained. Thus the understanding process will become easier.

You can find several examples of landing pages here:

Now let's continue ...

1. Determine ONE goal from the landing page

One ... no less ... nothing more.

Your landing page must have 1 final destination, for example:

  • Product purchase
  • Enter email address
  • Register an account
  • Register a webinar
  • Contact you via email and / or telephone
  • Download

If you have more than one goal, then the copy you make will be chaotic.

In addition, readers will also be confused so they might even decide not to do anything at all.

After determining the goal, then all the components of the landing page that you will make direct to that destination.

"Then what is the solution if I have more than one goal?"

Create more than 1 landing page.

Examples like this:

I sell products, when someone buys they have to confirm the purchase and transfer of money via email / telephone / sms.

In this case there are 2 objectives.

The main goal is purchase, the second goal is to contact.

The solution, in the main landing page your goal is to make them buy. For example by installing a purchase button.

When this button is pressed, they are directed to how to pay.

After payment is complete, then they are directed again to the order confirmation page.

This will be far more effective than everything you stack on one page from purchasing, paying, and confirmation.

2. The main component of an effective landing page

If you have often seen landing pages, consciously or unconsciously you will realize that there are many structural similarities.

  • Headline
  • Pictures / videos
  • Subheadline
  • Body / content / explanation
  • Social proof / testimonial
  • Call to action (CTA)

Each component has its own role.

To be able to create a landing page that has a high conversion, then you must get a value of 100 for all these components.

Extraordinary headlines will be useless if the contents are poor ... and vice versa.

These are the components of an effective landing page.

2.1 Headlines that can capture attention

In the previous chapter we talked a lot about Attention in AIDA. This is the role of headlines ... to capture attention.

The headline of your landing page must be:

  1. Not boring
  2. Directly understood
  3. No wordy
  4. Presenting benefits
  5. Feel personal

For points # 4 and # 5, if you have made a persona buyer from the previous 2 chapters it should not be a problem.

I want to put more emphasis on points # 1, # 2, and # 3.

Don't make headlines that are too commonly used. If you use a title similar to other people, your product will be considered the same.

So try to be more creative in making titles.

But ... don't be too creative.

This is the most common mistake in headlines. Trying to be too creative so that it becomes difficult to understand.

Indeed, their courier service can save time (time-saver), but this headline does not directly explain who they are.

In contrast, the following landing page SEO courses from ClickMinded fulfill the five points.


2.2 Subheadlines that clarify and strengthen headlines

The existence of a subheadline is not mandatory.

Because headlines must be able to attract attention in 8 seconds, the content must be short, solid, and still clear.

After attention is caught through headlines, the subheadline will explain further what benefits they will get.

Previous Work Subheadline

KerjaDulu uses very short headlines ... maybe even this headline cannot be understood directly if before this I did not know what was WorkDulu.

But fortunately they provide an explanation that is more understandable through the subheadline.

One more example:


The headline of Soltius promises solutions for our business.

But then the subheadline mentioned the free SAP Business One demo.

For people who discovered this page accidentally, we have no idea what SAP Business One is and what it has to do with business solutions.

Finally the subheadline actually causes confusion.

Suitability between headlines & subheadlines with advertisements

I found the Soltius website through advertisements they posted on AdWords with the keyword " business opportunity " when I created this article.

After I investigated, it turned out that Soltius was selling software called SAP Business One which was used to simplify business management.

People who search for the keyword "business opportunity" usually want to get business ideas ... right?

But what happens when they enter the page?

What is expected and what is obtained is not appropriate.

This will make your conversion rate very low.

2.3 Benefits or solutions to problems as a body from the landing page


They are not bought because of their features ... they are not bought because of the price ... they are not buying your product ...

They buy hope,

... They buy a better life.

Therefore, the benefits and solutions to the problem are very effective components as a landing page body.

In AIDA, landing page bodies have roles as Interest and Desire.

Please read the AIDA chapter again to find out how to present benefits in your copy.

Long or short, which one is better?

There is a long landing page:


There are also short ones:


Which one is better?

Will the long body be more trusted? Does the short one have a higher conversion because visitors are not tired of reading?

Not necessarily…

This is the consideration:

  • If they spend money, usually the length is better because we can convince them
  • If you don't spend money or credit cards, it doesn't need to be long
  • If they already know exactly what they will get, short. For example clothes.
  • If they don't know what they will get, you need to explain in detail. For example, software or online courses

So adjust it to your needs.

Long and short, landing pages that you keep following the AIDA formula.

The longer, means you have to make more interesting copies. Because the risk of "getting bored in the middle of the road" is getting bigger.

2.4 Social proofs / testimonials that can influence decisions

In 6 persuasion principles made by Dr. Robert Cialdini, social proof is one element that can influence decision making.

... if done correctly.

What often happens is that the testimonials that we install are actually dubious.

As a result they become suspicious of you ... suspected of being a fraud.

There are several forms of social proof:

  1. Number of users
  2. List of users who are "named"
  3. Comments from famous people
  4. Comments from some satisfied users

# 4 which is most often displayed.

Because it's easy ... and because you can make it yourself or ask with your friends, right? Watch Out. Some readers can immediately realize that the testimonials that you provide are fake.

In your opinion, is this testimonial good:

Extraordinary! This book contains new information that is very useful. I have read this book up to 3 times and remain amazed by its contents.

Not at all…

Indeed the contents are full of praise. But there are many disadvantages:

  1. Looks fake
  2. Unclear topic discussed (only "books")
  3. Do not explain what benefits they get
  4. Not telling the results they get

Useless These testimonials will not increase the conversion of your landing page. Instead they will be suspicious because of reason

I do not know this is authentic or not ... even though it's original but testimonials like this won't help sales.

Testimonials are not just success stories.

2.5 Call to action (CTA) that stands out and is not creepy

CTA is scary ...

A "buy" or "pay" button can make the reader think around.

But at the same time, the CTA must stand out.

Without needing to be notified, you will already understand where they are asking us to click:

Asana registration-button

Still remember I said that in 1 landing page there can only be one destination? So make sure in your landing page there is only 1 CTA.

But it may be repeated.

So in 1 page you can have more than 1 CTA but the function must be the same.

CTA placement

There are 2 of the most common placements:

  1. Above the fold
  2. At the bottom (according to AIDA)

The term "above the fold" means the part that immediately appears on the screen when the new landing page is opened without the need to scroll down.

For a short landing page, location above the fold is usually the best.

While for long landing pages, the lowest location is the ideal place. But to be safe you can place in both locations.

Even so, these two locations are not necessarily optimal.

Everything depends on the structure and copy that you have made. Therefore we recommend testing.

Writing CTA to eliminate fear

Don't just use these words in the CTA:

  1. List
  2. Download
  3. Submit
  4. Click here
  5. Buy

Too ambiguous ... and creepy.

Add or change to be a more friendly word.

A good CTA explains what happened or what they will get after continuing.


Like the example from CrazyEgg above. Visitors know what to get after pressing the button.

For landing page registration, you can play words in the CTA. So make it according to your creativity rather than just using "register".

Answer the following question to make your CTA registration text:

  • What benefits do they get after continuing?
  • Where were they taken? (It should be according to the headline)
  • Is it free? (Show if it's free)
  • What will they do next?

What about sales?

If in the next step visitors are immediately taken to the payment page, your CTA should "Buy [product name]"

To reduce fear, the solution is to provide:

  • Money back guarantee
  • Free trial period
  • Discount price
  • Choice of price packages (if any)

Like this:

Money-back guarantee

And this:


3. Perform testing to get the best results

In copywriting and landing pages, we don't know the powerful "secret weapon" for all conditions.

No template can always give the highest conversion.

We can learn the concept, but in its application because everyone's offer is different, all you can do is apply the concept to a copy of your own creation.

And the results will never be the same.

That's why we ourselves have to do the testing.

This test is named A / B test or sometimes called split test.

That is, in the same period we display 2 or more different copy (or design) variations.

So for example there are 1000 visitors ... 500 people see variation A, and 500 people see variation B.



These two pages are exactly the same ... the title is different.

It turned out that after an A / B test, the one on the right got a conversion rate of 307.77% greater than the left.

This kind of thing is very common in copywriting.


If you use a service such as Unbounce or LeadPages to create a landing page, both of them already have the A / B default test feature.

If not, you can use Optimizely services that are free within certain limits.

Or use Google Analytics if you want, which is absolutely free. Read the tutorial .

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