Making Quality Content That Can Be Popular in Any Topic with the KTP Method

KTP method

Content is king ... he said.

This statement is incorrect.

Not all content is king. Only quality and quality content is the king.

If you are a website owner, you must be aware of the importance of the quality of a content. Website becomes successful because of its content, the website fails because of the content.

But the reality is strange ...

Although they already understand that the quality of content is number 1. In practice, only a few of them publish quality content.

Usually because they are lazy or don't know how.

If you are the second, please read this guide.

With the KTP method you will be able to create content of the highest quality compared to other content. So that in the end your website traffic will increase dramatically.

... don't be mistaken for the term 'quality content'

I was e-mailed a lot by PIM readers about their small website traffic ... even though, he said the content that was made was of high quality.

Then I peek at the contents.

Apparently, mediocre.

Not weight, especially quality.

This is what often happens, content creators, website owners, and bloggers feel their content is quality. Even though not yet.

Therefore I need to straighten out his understanding.

Quality content is NOT only:

  1. Original, not  copas
  2. Length __ word
  3. The grammar is not wrong

The originality and grammar are only the minimum standards for an article published. Not a quality determinant or not.

Here's quality content:

  • Its weight is highest compared to other content
  • Credible, there is a quote link to reliable data or facts
  • The presentation is not boring
  • Value for the reader

The 'value' referred to here means that our content provides useful new information, or provides guidance that can solve the problem.

That's quality content.

It's really troublesome !

It's troublesome.

Creating quality content will take longer than normal content.

The difference is also quite long.

Regular 1000-word articles can be written in 1 hour. But if we want to create quality content, then the time needed is many times that.

... because there is a research process.

But, like this:

Content is an asset for a website.

If your content is cheap, then your website is also cheap.

In SEO and content marketing , those who are successful are those who publish quality content.

Google will always prioritize quality content above other content. Therefore the best content will be ranked top.

Likewise with humans.

No one will share boring content.

So ... it's a hassle. But the results will be far better if you make 1 quality content rather than making 10 cheap content.

Let's start.

Preparation - Find  audiences and influencers

Okay, slowly ...

Even though it was only preparation but if it passed it was fatal.

This step only needs to be done once for each type of website. If you have done this before, please continue below.

Understanding first:

Audience is a person who actively seeks information on a topic, the audience of your content is those who are enthusiastic about the topic.

In other words, they are prospective readers.

Influencers  are influential people on a topic, they are experts and they often share knowledge with others.

Usually they are famous, have lots of followers.

Then why are we looking for them?

  • To get the right topic
  • As the purpose of promoting content
  • Get material / material for content

And others.

There are many more functions, if you have read other articles on this website you will often find these two terms used.

So don't miss this stage.

Here's how:

Where are their online hangouts ?

For your topic about automotive, where do automotive enthusiasts discuss online?

For your topic about fitness, where do fitness fans discuss online?

The answer, search on community sites such as Facebook Group, Google+ Community, Kaskus, or other online forums.

What are the problems they face?

As I mentioned earlier, quality content is informative content or content that provides solutions to problems.

This is our main goal to look for community sites.

In the community members usually ask questions.

We can change the question into content.

More details about this can be seen in the guide to finding content topics .

What content do they often read?

In addition to finding solutions to the problem, there are also many people sharing content on community sites.

Find out what content is of interest to them.

For the Facebook and Google+ communities, the number of likes and +1 can be a reference.

This process is also very useful in the process of determining content topics.

Who is the member of the 'idol' in the community?

Every active community has several people who often answer other members' questions, these people will become 'idols' in that community.

They are one of the influencers.

Note who these people are and their contacts and website (if any).

In the last stage of KTP, we will need them.

KTP method to create quality content

Quality content of the contents must be weighty.

The problem is, if we are not an expert  on a topic ... it will be very difficult to create high-quality content.

That's why we use the KTP method.

This method is the easiest way you can do to plan, organize and promote quality content.

Not just making it ...

We will guarantee that this content will become popular.

In short, there are 3 main things we will do:

  1. K umpulkan best contents
  2. T ingkatkan material
  3. Please romance to the right person

Let's enter the first stage.

1. Gather the best content on a topic

When you have found the topic of the content, you will realize that on the internet there must be other content on the same topic.

This is natural, no problem.

It is precisely if there is no other content, the topic must be questioned ... is there anyone interested or not?

Remember, with the KTP method we will create the best content.

For that, we need to know how good the content of other people that have been published.

Then we make better.

Suppose you want to create content about ' how to swim ', collect as much as possible the best content that addresses swimming guides.

There are several tools and media that can be used:

  1. BuzzSumo : this tool is useful for finding the most popular articles from the keywords that we enter.
  2. Topsy : search for the most popular tweets from Twitter with certain keywords.
  3. Forums: to search for content in forums with certain keywords through Google, use "[keyword] forum" without quotes and replace keywords with your topic.
  4. Social bookmarking: use or VivaLog for Indonesian and Redditfor English.
  5. Google: besides looking for forums, use Google also to directly search for articles.

To make it easier to understand, here's an example:

By using Google, we will be notified of related derivative topics. It's a good idea to also search for content in this derivative topic.

Search-How to Swim

Visit the link one by one.

Record all the best content that you find in Excel or notepad along with its important points. Then check the weaknesses and strengths of each content.

Like this:

Other Content Analysis

The more the better, but I recommend a minimum of 5 articles.

When making strengths and weaknesses, it has been imagined what our article will look like. Let's move on to stage 2.

2. Increase the content of these content

The logic is this:

If on a topic there are already several articles that have quite good quality, will people read articles with lower quality?

For example article 1 discusses ABCD, article 2 discusses ABC.

Is it possible that article 2 overtook article 1's popularity?

Definitely not.

This is why ALL the content you write and publish from now on must be better than all existing content.

With the KTP method, the process becomes easier.

Because we already analyzed our rival content.

To make it better, here are some things you can do:

Add the contents to make it more complete

Watch Out…

Adding the contents not only adds to the writing.

This is an example of the wrong application :

There is someone else's article entitled "5 tips to lose weight", then you make an article that also contains 5 tips ... only a longer explanation.

This is wrong.

Even though the contents are more complete, the points are the same.

This means that there is no new information.

Take a look at the spreadsheet image that was analyzed by other content. We have noted what are the important points in the article analyzed.

In the 5 articles there were those discussing mindset, basic movements, breathing, and benefits.

But nothing at the same time addresses everything.

This is what we do ... Make a super complete article that discusses everything, from the beginning to the end. Coupled with what hasn't been discussed at all.

Updates that have expired

This is mainly for content in the form of guides.

For example, Photoshop tutorial articles, because the appearance of the version and the current appearance are different, you can make a tutorial with a newer version.

If you find a guide article on the first page of Google, usually the keywords are very easy competition.

Google does not understand that an article has expired, but humans understand ... and because the ranking of websites on Google is influenced by human interaction, articles whose content expires will always be defeated by articles that are up to date .

Use images (or video and audio)

It seems trivial, but this can be a very decisive factor.

According to QuickSprout , content that contains images will be seen more than content without images. The difference is 94%.

Image-in-content effect

Not just any picture, of course ...

... the image used must simplify the process of explaining.

In addition, by using images that are 'beautiful' then people who read so it will be more likely to share your content.

So even though the content is in the form of articles, it must contain images.

Besides just a picture you can also make infographics. Can also with video or audio.

Use better language styles and formatting

Many people (especially Indonesians) are hesitant to write long articles. The reason is quite ridiculous: Indonesian reading interest is low.

That is, they are afraid if the reader runs away before reading.

Even though it's not wrong to read it.

If other people are not interested in reading, they will not read your article at all from the beginning. Although short.

The one who is wrong is the author.

Not because of low reading interest, but because the author is unable to make interesting reading.


Short-vs-short paragraph

Better to read the left or right?

Read the following guidelines for writing good articles .

To conclude stage 2, this is what you do:

  1. Make sure the contents are more complete than other content
  2. Use newer information
  3. Use relevant and beautiful images
  4. Make sure the format is easier to enjoy

Based on the analysis of other content from the spreadsheet above, the following is about a new content framework about "how to swim" that will be created.

New article-framework

Try to compare with the one before.

This new article is far more complete than all the articles when combined.

The popularity of content is not obtained by chancy ...

... with a framework like this I can guarantee that this content will become popular and will gradually become rank 1 on Google.

PS: I am not an expert in swimming so maybe the contents of this framework have errors.

3. Promote the right people

There are 2 main mistakes someone has after publishing content:

  1. Not promoted at all
  2. Promoted to people who are not interested in their contents

Believe it doesn't believe , there are also people who actually suggest not promoting content ... for whatever reason, but it's wrong.

Promotion is more important than making.

Let's imagine, on the internet every day there are at least 1.5 million new articles published. Do not hope that someone can read if we are not the promotion.

Even though it's already hard to make content.

If you follow the guidelines above, at least 1 content will be in 3 hours. It's useless, I've worked hard for 3 hours but no one has read.

One more…

In promotion, consider the person we want to target.

Promotion must be right on target. Don't promote articles about how to swim to people who don't need a swimming guide.

It's strange, but many do it like this.

The following is the way to promote the right target.

To the community site

Remember that we searched for communities like online forums, groups on social media, question and answer sites, etc.? We will still use these sites.


Many people on community sites want solutions like this.

Interestingly, there are rarely community members who can provide satisfying answers. So this is our chance to help them while promoting.

While diving, drink water.

While helping others, we can promote content.

Remember: don't spam.

Follow the 4: 1 rule in promotion.

This means that after 4x helps other people (without posting links) then we can promote content.

This is especially if you are not yet known.

The community site has a moderator, the more active the community the more violent the moderator is. If you just spam once, get kicked right away.

The article you are promoting must also provide benefits.

Do not let the article that is promoted not related at all to the community.

Contact influencers

These include influencers:

  1. Blogger
  2. Celebrity Twitter / Facebook
  3. Online journalist
  4. Member forums that become 'idols'

Contact them, share your content.


Can be via email, Twitter, etc.

Because you already have the best content with this KTP method, chances are they will be kind enough to help promote your website if asked.

If it's not responded, already.

Nothing to lose right?

With one share of those who have many followers, you will be immediately flooded with visitors.

Based on experience, there are a number of tricks you can do to increase the likelihood that they will help promote your content:

  • Mention their names in content
  • Put a link to their website (if any)
  • Promoting their content first

I will discuss this further in the link below this article.

Contact the  linker and sharer

Linkers are people who are able to link to other websites. More about the linker is explained in the featured content guide .

When our research has found at least 5 other content, correct?

These content are likely to be popular content, meaning that you have backlinks from other website owners ... or linkers.

This is interesting:

If someone has already promoted a content, then most likely they want when we ask to promote similar content.

Makes sense right?

Now, copy one of the content that you collected earlier.

Paste in Open Site Explorer  (or Ahrefs ).


This is a linker who has promoted similar content with you.

There is one more, sharer . People who share content on social media.

Because the linker is not always there and is usually small in number, it is better that you also look for this sharer.

The method is similar, the difference is the tool we use, BuzzSumo .

After entering the link that you saved earlier, click 'View Sharers'.


Those are some ways to promote effective content for content created using the KTP method. There are still many more techniques for promoting content, and this article is not enough to accommodate all of them.

But this article will not be able to accommodate everything ...

... therefore please read the following 3 guidelines:

  1. 13 Ways to promote content
  2. Increase blog visitors
  3. Link building technique

What content on the topic do you want to make?

That's the KTP method to easily create quality content. If you make content in this way, the results are guaranteed not to disappoint.

Now it's my turn to ask ...

Will you use the KTP method?

If so, what content on the topic do you want to make?

Please write the answer via the comments below.

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