Techniques for Getting Visitors and Increasing Sales: Content Marketing


conten marketing In doing business online, there is one thing that if you don't have then your business will 100% fail:


... or visitors to the website.

Traffic is the life of a business. No traffic means no buyers and sales.

Conversely, by increasing traffic to the website, it means we also automatically increase sales.

Not just traffic, of course.

What we need is targeted traffic, who are interested in your business, and those who have the potential to buy your product.

Not all traffic is the same.

In this guide you will learn the principles, how to bring traffic ... but even more powerful: you will learn how to make them loyal.

Psychology behind traffic

Suppose you have now started selling on the website, and you want to bring in visitors.

What made them come?

If you answer: because they want to buy from you ... False BIG.

In fact, only less than 5% of Indonesian internet users currently use the internet specifically to buy goods.

The rest:

To search for content.

Whether it's articles on blogs, news on Kompas, artist gossip, funny pictures, news from friends on Facebook or Twitter, videos ... Everything is content.

So, to bring traffic you must have content that is interesting and useful for them.

Not finished..

After that you also have to distribute the content so someone can read.

That is the principle of content marketing or content marketing .

Step 1. Create content that brings traffic

"I have created a website to sell my products, but why no one wants to come?" Said an acquaintance of mine, a new entrepreneur.

He has a website selling a kind of herbal medicine.

After checking, it turns out that on this website there is only this page:

  • Homepage
  • List of products
  • Explanation of each product
  • How to contact & buy

Then I explained the principle of traffic earlier. That he must have useful content.

"OK", he said ...

A few days later he showed me some of the content he had just created. Contents:

  • The advantages of these products compared to other similar products
  • Results that can be obtained after using the product
  • Benefits of the product
  • Profile of the seller, to be more trusted

Approximately like that, about 5 articles.

What do you think, will the visitors increase? Will the buyers increase?

Not at all.


Because he only speaks "me ... me ... me ..." on every content. Unfortunately other people won't care about you, so don't tell them about you.

The solution, do this:

Make content that educates them. Provide content that provides knowledge and resolves their main problems.

No one does a search on Google with the keyword "the benefits of supplements [product name]".

What they are looking for is,

  • "how to lose weight",
  • "Get rid of zits",
  • "Tips for public presentation",
  • "Start an online business".
  • etc

That's what makes them more interested.

Therefore, create content that solves their problems related to your business.

After that, they only care about you.

But just knowing the type of content is not enough

Try to do a search with keywords from some of the examples I mentioned above through Google, Bing, or other search engines.

There are dozens ...

... or even hundreds of similar content.

The problem is, all the content is almost similar. Almost all of the content is not "attached to the brain", does not provide a WOW effect.

Your content will also be the same if you don't think first.

Even though we want to be remembered and admired.

To achieve that goal, your content must:

  • Remarkable
  • Actionable
  • Irresistible

Confused? Let's describe it one by one.


The meaning is extraordinary.

"Extraordinary" has 2 meanings. First, it is different from what is often there. Secondly, it is far better than the others.

Your content must meet both.

Not only is it different, but the content you create must be much better.


The meaning can be done immediately.

For example, the guide "playing guitar for beginners". The content must be immediately applicable right now. So for example readers are holding a guitar, so they can immediately try the techniques in your guide.

When this is achieved ... you automatically become a teacher.

You will immediately be remembered by them.


"I think it's interesting, read ah".

When they see your content at a glance, they are immediately interested in reading from beginning to end.

There are several factors that make them interested in starting to read:

  • The title is interesting
  • The language style is not boring
  • Has images to facilitate explanation
  • The contents are very complete, very detailed

That's how to create content that can bring traffic and will increase sales.

Stage 2. Distribute content

Many people have made the highest quality content, but in the end no one has read. So they become pessimistic about online business.

The problem is not the system ...

No matter how good your content is, if no one reads there will be no sales.

Most people only hope on Google.

Passively waiting for their content to get a good rating on Google. So if someone searches, they will find your content.

But the reality isn't that easy.

If even humans cannot find your content, don't expect Google to.

That's why every time you publish content, distribute it.

The content alone cannot directly make sales. For that you have to build the system on a website.

The next chapter will explain the components of an effective sales website.

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  2. The content is very important for every marketing campaign Thanks to our day's technology, every news, story travel very fast and end up in every corner of this world. You'll need to look into your public, see what they want to read. There are so many tools that can track keywords and subjects. Use a lot of images and videos. Promote your business or service using all kind of marketing tools.


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