Use the AIDA Formula in Copywriting to Increase Sales Effectiveness


If you have already made a sales page (or landing page) before, surely you have time to think like this:

"What's so good about writing ...?"

Then suddenly the brain becomes empty ...

... the hand doesn't move at all on the keyboard.

Hours, even days ...

Then when it's finished ... it turns out that nobody is interested at all.

It's not easy to write copy on sales and landing pages. Just a little different structure can result in your offer not attractive.

So the conversion becomes very low.

But there is one secret formula ... a secret that will make you easily create an effective copy writing structure.

His name: AIDA.

Please continue reading because after learning this AIDA formula, you will immediately be able to make a copy that is able to bewitch others to be addicted to your offer.

What is AIDA?

What is clear is not the dangdut singer's name.

AIDA stands for:

  1. Attention
  2. Interest
  3. Desire
  4. Action

By using the AIDA formula, you can turn a blank page on your computer screen into something that can attract attention to make other people take action.

That is why AIDA is often associated with copywriting.

Although it's identical to copywriting, you can also use this formula to make any writing interesting.

I also use AIDA for most articles on this blog.

How effective is AIDA?


In a landing page that I created first, before implementing the AIDA structure the conversion rate was only 2.3%. This number is actually not bad, considering a number of factors such as industry and prices.

But what happens when I change the structure a bit according to AIDA:


The conversion increased by  253% to 8.1%.

And this increase is only due to changing the words and sentences.

Now let's discuss one by one from each part of AIDA.

1. Attention

The copy that we make must be able to immediately capture the reader's attention.

Did you know ... according to a study from SilverPop conducted in 2013, we must be able to capture visitors' attention in 8 seconds or less.

Crazy right ...

Humans wink every 4 seconds.

This means that if we are unable to get attention in 2 times the blink of an eye ... then they will just leave immediately.

This means that the sentences that you arrange for days will be determined in 2 blinks.

That is the importance of this stage.

Then how do we attract their attention?

  • Title / headline
  • Picture
  • Opening sentences

The 3 elements that you should pay attention to the most.

To be able to capture their attention to these 3 elements, here are the tips:

  1. Give what your buyer persona cares about your business
  2. Present the solution to the main problem from your buyer persona
  3. For them to feel " Ah that's really my cave "

If you don't have / understand about buyer persona, please go back to the previous chapter.

For example, if I want to sell weight-loss supplements. The buyer persona is a career mother who has recently given birth.

This is a sentence that might catch the attention of prospective buyers:

  1. "Want to lose weight up to 20 kg in a month without a strict diet that tortures yourself?"
  2. "Return your slim body like it used to be again"
  3. "Don't have the time and energy to exercise? Now you can also lose weight without the need to feel tired at work

While writing this article, I also saw several sales pages that sell supplement products as in the example above.

Some of them use headlines such as "safe, without side effects", or "cheap".

Watch Out…

Indeed, both of them make sense, but that is not what can make them care. Both of them are not their main problem, so they will not be able to catch attention.

2. Interest

Get them interested in you.

Because you have succeeded in capturing attention, then you will then make them continue to read and be interested in you.

Make them aware of the magnitude of their problem.

To attract interest, the best way is to provide:

  1. Information / facts
  2. Statistics
  3. Case study
  4. Ideal conditions
  5. Reason

Let's use the example supplement:

"By using supplements [brand], you will:

  • ... able to lose weight up to 20kg in less than 30 days
  • ... can use your favorite clothes that are already narrow again
  • ... more loved by her husband
  • ... still have plenty of time for family and work "

The above example does not use these five things.

You also don't need to use everything if it's not possible.

3. Desire

In this stage you will really want them to really want your product / service.

Desire is similar to interest ...

... the difference is, here we will play more with emotions and logic.


1. By mentioning benefits or benefits.

Be careful, there are mistakes that often occur ... wrong between features and benefits .

There is a big difference between features and benefits, that feature is only an explanation of the content or components that you provide through your product / service.

While the benefits are the benefits they can feel through the feature.

In the copywriting mindset chapter, we discussed this:

This feature:

  • 250 mg Green tea extract
  • 2.5 mg of Vitamin B6
  • 10 mg L-Carnitine

And this benefits:

  • ... enriched with green tea extract and vitamin B6 which will speed up metabolism and fat burning even though you are sitting at the computer
  • ... plus L-Carnitine to protect bones, heart, kidneys, brain and immune system during the process of weight loss. L-Carnitine will also protect breastfeeding mothers so as not to lack nutrition.

In selling products, features are mandatory ... but features without benefits will not be able to sell because most readers don't understand.


2. By provoking negative emotions and providing solutions

Those who have followed your writing from the stage of attention to interest are people who have specific problems.

They are frustrated people.

Who still remembers this ad from Apple:


In the ad, Apple uses PC figures (left) and Mac (right). They illustrate how complicated it is to use a PC and how easy it is to use a Mac.

If we look at it now, indeed Mac users are people who are frustrated with the many disruptions on the PC.

This ad was successful ... many Windows users switched to Mac.

Here's an example for a supplement product:

Your time is very valuable ... you have to wake up since morning, prepare breakfast then get ready and go to office. Not to mention the energy that is drained due to taking care of your family, clients, and bosses in the office ... then you arrive home at 7 pm in a state like wet tissue.

With routines like this, sports and strict diets are impossible.

Fortunately, supplements [product name] only need 90 seconds a day. 1 tablet before meals ... and [product name] will burn fat while you sit relaxed at the computer.

That's an example of a paragraph that uses negative emotions.

 4. Action

Simple stages, invite them to take action.

Whatever action you want - buy a product, register, create an account, download, send an email, call - reveal it in this section.

Therefore this section is often called a call to action (CTA).

Don't forget, you will often find the term from now on.

According to its function, CTA can be a button, telephone number, or e-mail address.

And accompanied by prices ... if you sell something.

Here, you have 1 more secret weapon:

Principle of Persuasion .

This principle has been scientifically proven to increase the likelihood of your prospective customers to do whatever you want.

What are the principles of persuasion?

Combine all four

Finally, combine the four sections in the AIDA formula sequentially starting from Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.


You now have a copy structure for the landing page or sales page.

In the next chapter, you will learn more about the components that can make a landing page have high conversion.

You will also see some good and bad examples of landing page copywriting.

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